Thursday, November 17, 2005

almost there

that winter feeling is settling in
the mornings are light
and hopeful
full of potential
but just too quickly the sky gets cloudy
and the next time i look outside everything is dark
the feeling of winter without the comfort of snow
it is so bitterly cold i wear gloves to pump gas
my skin is rebelling in new and creative ways
i don't want to work
i don't want to do laundry
or clean my car
or any of the little errands i normally never mind
i just want to stay inside
bake bread
sip tea

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

ch ch ch ch changes

tonight i measured my windows:
three in a row in the living room
one, tall and narrow in the bathroom
a double in the middle bedroom
two sets of doubles in the corner bedroom
two in my kitchen

windows for every direction
there is something to be said for an apartment
with lots of windows
on the third floor of a house
it is my own treehouse
my own nest

Monday, November 7, 2005

this morning

the cool morning of a day off
I do a series of slow things.
Tend to my nails
A luxury normally reserved for dates or interviews
Not a hurried task

Soften the cuticles
Push them back
Strip off the old paint
Brush on Baguette Beige
Put the tea kettle on
nowhere to be just yet
Ready for a second coat
This layer goes on milky white
My nails become splashes of cream at the tips of my fingers

Careful, don't smudge
The hot water goes into the French Press
The paint is drying
The coffee is brewing
this is not just standing around
this is waiting
this is all i can be doing at the moment
I stir the coffee
Press down on the strainer
Deliberately slowly
Moments when I could be making lists
But this is the only thing I'm doing
Pushing the grounds to the bottom
And faster won't make it better
At the end of my slow race
I finish last and win
my deep smooth brew

Nails must be dry now
I pour my coffee and measure out
One exact tablespoon of cream
Think about the color and not the calories
This is my vacation
my creamy nails and coffee.