Thursday, July 27, 2006

good luck in kentuck

just a lofty day of travelling and i am in a whole new world. there are babies all over the place and i sleep on the couch. i sleep in. i overhear conversations while i'm standing in line and they're all drawn out with dips and pauses. when i buy iced tea at a coffeehouse i have to clarify - unsweetened- so i don't end up with sickeningly sugary "sweet tea." i don't wear makeup and i haven't looked in a mirror in days. i go for ridiculously long walks and don't wave to anyone because i don't know them. it's great.
i come home at night to a living room full of babies and grownups, dancing to gnarls barkley. i sit outside in a brightly colored hammock with the baby chewing on my arm.
i heart the bluegrass state.

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