Tuesday, October 17, 2006

learning experience

this weekend i went to ohio for a wedding.
-there is a "sugarloaf township" in pa.
note to self: start saying sugarloaf more.
-lemon flavored rum is delicious
-chagrin falls has some nice falls.
-ohio is cold. colder than pa. ohio kind of sucks.

so nice to be home.

Monday, October 2, 2006

come home darlin, come home quickly

hard to find my life inspiring after reading this: http://laurenmlee.blogspot.com/
actually it's not, although i'm severely jealous and very irritable without her around.
i've been very craftly lately and hope to post some pics of projects. i woke up at 5:30 this morning to clean my house- and no, i am not a clean freak, but it was a mess and no fun to be and when my house is clean, it is my favorite place to be in. every corner holds something i love. i used to want to be a designer but i'm not so sure now. everything in my house is so personal. i made our artwork, i've been collecting vintage kitchen linens since i was little. i bought my red teapot the day i signed the lease. i don't know how i would bring that out of clients, and i wouldn't want to project myself that much.
doesn't matter anyhow, i have a lovely job now.
and it's getting cold out! i love summer all green and yellow but i'm ready for the warm oranges of fall. it makes my heart pound a little bit just thinking about it. i'm excited for something, that's what fall does to you.
check back here in a few months for my take for the depressing trauma that is winter.