Thursday, November 30, 2006


had yoga today at 1:00. my favorite part is at the end, when we are all laying down in shavasana. the instructor is telling us to relax our hands and ankles and foreheads and i feel like my body is melting into a puddle on the floor and while my eyes are closed, the instructor turns off the lights. when i open my eyes i see the darkness of the room and the wood panels on the ceiling. it's really nice. for 5 minutes, everything is in slow motion until it inevitably returns to fast forward.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

stay in and watch movies

got "sweet bird of youth" out of the library this week, and surprisingly, liked it. i just never know whether or not i'll like vintage movies, but this one was pretty good. the characters have sort of predictable names- the rebellious goodlooking main character is "chance," his lover is "heavenly," and the prententious movie star is "alexandria del lago."
annoying at times, but overall a good paul newman flick. have you seen "cat on a hot tin roof?" not a bad one as well. i think i dated that character, minus the alcoholism.

Friday, November 10, 2006

one of the top five coolest things to happen to me.

i've been a little down lately (as demonstrated by my previous post), but I really shouldn't be because:
Today I got to look at, hold, and gently sniff the pages of the magazine in which I am now published.
You may not recognize my byline, I used "abigail" instead of "abby."
I don't understand why I am so enormously lucky.
I'm not gonna say which magazine...I don't want to talk about work in my blog cause I don't want to get dooced. But I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyways so I think I'm safe. And everyone who knows me knows where I work cause I'm pretty sure it's the coolest thing about me.
So anyways, here I sit. With two published clips to my name and more on the way.
thanks, God. I really needed that.
it's that time of year again...
i was doing so good too.
now every morning there's this struggle to
flip the blankets off and get in the shower.
when i was a kid
my mom would sing to us to wake us up.
it wasn't cute, or sweet, or animated...
it was annoying.
we would wake up so she would stop...
if we were really stubborn she would dance.
i still get teased for changing my clothes
completely under the covers,
it was the warmest way.
now, mom-less in my apartment,
i have to annoy myself to wake up.
i'm not even tired, it's just that constant
"impending doom" feeling
that traps me in my room...
makes me late for work
makes me antisocial
makes me love netflix
and all of this comes from that underlying truth,
that rarely leaves my brain:

it's so cold outside.
and months until spring.

and i'm starting to understand why people like bars,
because they are somewhere warm to go
and drink things that make you feel warm
and have warm conversations
with warm strangers.
but i still won't go
because i am a lady.