Friday, November 10, 2006

it's that time of year again...
i was doing so good too.
now every morning there's this struggle to
flip the blankets off and get in the shower.
when i was a kid
my mom would sing to us to wake us up.
it wasn't cute, or sweet, or animated...
it was annoying.
we would wake up so she would stop...
if we were really stubborn she would dance.
i still get teased for changing my clothes
completely under the covers,
it was the warmest way.
now, mom-less in my apartment,
i have to annoy myself to wake up.
i'm not even tired, it's just that constant
"impending doom" feeling
that traps me in my room...
makes me late for work
makes me antisocial
makes me love netflix
and all of this comes from that underlying truth,
that rarely leaves my brain:

it's so cold outside.
and months until spring.

and i'm starting to understand why people like bars,
because they are somewhere warm to go
and drink things that make you feel warm
and have warm conversations
with warm strangers.
but i still won't go
because i am a lady.

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