Friday, November 10, 2006

one of the top five coolest things to happen to me.

i've been a little down lately (as demonstrated by my previous post), but I really shouldn't be because:
Today I got to look at, hold, and gently sniff the pages of the magazine in which I am now published.
You may not recognize my byline, I used "abigail" instead of "abby."
I don't understand why I am so enormously lucky.
I'm not gonna say which magazine...I don't want to talk about work in my blog cause I don't want to get dooced. But I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyways so I think I'm safe. And everyone who knows me knows where I work cause I'm pretty sure it's the coolest thing about me.
So anyways, here I sit. With two published clips to my name and more on the way.
thanks, God. I really needed that.

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