Thursday, December 21, 2006

the first time i saw audrey i was in elementary school, sleeping over at a friends house. her character was a parisian aristocrat who falls in love with who she believes to be an art thief. she wore enormous sunglasses, had a beautiful accent, tiny features and was an absolutely straight line when standing sideways.
i was in love.
after that it was charades, sabrina, breakfast at tiffany's, my fair lady, paris when it sizzles, funnyface...
undeniably the best by far.
she transforms from a naive little stringbean into a bitter wife and i loved every second of it.
also the blame for the awesomeness of this movie is albert finney, who you might remember as the dying dad in big fish. he's just as ugly young, but in a grouchy sort of attractive way.
i guess this movie is like what "the story of us" was based on. but this one is wayyy better and who really likes bruce willis?
so netflix it now.

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