Thursday, December 7, 2006

green thumb, weak heart

i've got these houseplants-
3 of them,
tropical-looking grassy trees.
They are dying
They are not dead-
But I no longer water them.
I obtained them from a neglectful boyfriend
Who was not giving them enough attention.
It didn't work out with us either,
we just weren't made to take care of each other.
We talk still
months later,
I told him his plants were doing really well.
He didn't care...and really
Why should he have?
Now the plants aren't doing well at all,
Poor little raggedy stray dogs.
My roomate asks me to throw them out,
but I can't- to me, they are still alive.
I told her she can throw them if she wants.
I came home one day to find them outside our door,
on the stairwell landing.
I guess she just wanted them out of the house.
Neither of us have paid them any attention,
But they just. don't. die.
If all the leaves fell
The branches dried up
Fruit flies started hovering...
I would be fine to haul them into the dumpster.
They're in this weird half-living state.
He calls every now and then,
Nothing has changed,
it would never work.
But it just won't die,
and I can't throw it out.

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