Thursday, December 20, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007


although I'm generally a bit of a control freak about the music I listen to, I've been really enjoying this site- a constantly updating playlist of mellow music to fall asleep to. I use it during the day when I find my own music distracting.

thinking ahead

sort of obsessed with the idea of building myself a tiny home.

of course, I'd never be able to marry, or invite anyone over, ever.

But in the meantime I've got it hard
Second floor living without a yard

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

more crafting...

I like switching from one project to the next- although in doing so my living room eventually becomes carpeted with bits of fabric and yarn and paintbrushes and glue. Anyways, last night I rotated between knitting, experimenting with covering cigar boxes with fabric (using a sweater did not work) and creating an odd little candle holder. I didn't set out to make a candle stick holder, I was just playing with paper (strips of magazines) and then more paper (rolls of telephone book pages from I project I'd given up on) and made this odd little useless cup, which I bound together with hot glue to hold one of my newly thrifted candlesticks.

Strangely pleased with it, but still feeling slightly crazy. The flannel-shirt cigar box is my new favorite...I almost sewed up my cozy old flannel shirt where it was ripped, but decided it was time to turn it into something else. It's life as a shirt was a good one, I was not it's first owner but surely it's proudest. It's been on a first date or two, and worn to many shows. It will live on in my apartment, probably holding more craft supplies.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


still trying to make all my christmas presents.

oh, to bee a machine

at the end of the work week, there's something about this video that's so easy to relate to.
not particularly beautiful to watch, but far easier to take than 'bee movie'.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ok, back

now that nablo's over (and i blew it. ha!), I'll be spending a little more time over here at this blog.
I've been thrifting like a ninja lately, spending an embarassingly large amount of money on things I'm not even sure what to do with.
Yesterday I bought this lamp for 1.91. Ok, so it needs to be rewired...but there's a bulb on the inside of the glass part. It's going to glow. Now do you see why I needed it?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

which jon cusack are you dating?

(or for those of you hitched, "married to?")


i'm going with rob from high fidelity. and not cause thats the best movie on there, the rest just don't exactly apply.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

save the writers.

"Won’t the cast of Lost be surprised when they realize they’re not lost on an island, but at TARGET! Watch as they discover a hatch-load of savings!"

letters from hollywood.

same guy

good writer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


hi blog.
i really liked reading this.
this was my favorite part:
She was in the bathroom, making out with the guitarist from Zero Percent Fancy, when her super powers began warning her that she was in trouble. Oh my god, she thought. I should not be making out with this guy I barely know. Who knows what kinds of infectious diseases he might have. She made up an excuse and got out of there as quickly as possible.

When she got home she gargled with Listerine for 15 minutes to kill any carpetbagger bacteria that may have been lurking in her mouth. Then she showered, furiously scrubbing all the areas where the guitarist's dirty hands may have come into contact with her skin. Then she burned the outfit she had worn that night.

She had not in fact been in any danger of catching a mouth-borne virus from the guitarist. Her super power was simply warning her that it was a bad idea to get involved with a musician, as they tend to be flaky, and are terrible at returning phone calls. He would have broken her heart eventually.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

open letter to clothing reconstructors everywhere

look ladies (and a couple men?),
i know you're really excited about your serger. you feel really professional, and you're right, i'm really jealous.
you think that you're set. now if only you could convince the world that serged edges everywhere on a garment was classically stylish.

here's the thing: it's not a good look. i've found a couple examples of a well-placed serged edge- but for every good piece, there's a hundred ripple-edged cardigans that look like they were purchased at Rave. I'm not gonna name names, it's hard enough to be a craftsperson trying to make a living on etsy without some unproductive critic picking on you, so please just take this constructive criticism, serge that edge, then fold it under and make a decent finished garment.

your pal,


Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007


nothin that this song

and my new favorite vintage high-waisted jeans can't fix.

wine would be nice though.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

selfish ranting

much like the rest of me,
my skin is super sensitive... for days now I have been making mental notes to purchase facial moisturizer to combat the oncoming season of skin-chapping wrath. I haven't switched from my summer face scrub to a milder cleanser yet...and inevitably, my face noticed.
minutes ago, as I was washing my hands in the bathroom I looked up to see peeling dry skin on my chin and the tip of my nose. It was pretty gross, and in the midst of a myriad of questions (why there? how many people have seen me this morning (hopefully not many...) and did any of them just want to take an exfoliator to my face? will I receive an anonymous gift certificate to a microdermabrasion session?) I suddenly got really mad at my skin and just kind of wanted to shout...SUCK IT UP, SKIN! IT'S OCTOBER!!! I'm doing my freaking best here, I've already lost my youthful're lucky I pay you any attention at all! Oh hey and you wanna stop breaking out all the time...if it's a result of stress, how about transferring that energy to my metabolism? Let's work together here, see? Like BODIES ARE MEANT TO.

anyways, guess I'm heading to the mall after work today.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

why i need to go back to college

all this time, i thought it was

there is no extra 'ar'

no tv for me this week. i'll be reading the dictionary.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

the hard way

never sleep in your contacts.

drink more water than you think you need.

keep resume updated, preferably while you're still employed and sure of your self-worth.

buy those tickets, the show is going to sell out.

if you enjoy bran cereal, make sure you dispose of every uneaten flake in your bowl and leave nothing to harden into a metal-like crust on your kitchen sink.

it could get worse.

he's probably lying.

manicure's never last more than one day...tempting as it is to have perfectly groomed fingertips, that $20 could have been clothes.

never judge a yard sale by it's sign.

plants need even more water than you.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Job Hunting

"Stuffed toy design a plus."

"tasteful semi-nude should be something you are comfortable with."

"in search of a highly competent individual to perform
BUCCAL SWAB collections for court ordered paternity cases."


"Enthusiastic Energetic to an extreme"

"pick up any overnight poop and pee"

"have a beautiful personality"

"Ability to do special effects (ie scarring) is a must"


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

pet peeve i am responsible for

you know when you're in a parking lot and you see a spot and go to go pull in only to find an alarmingly small compact car pulled allll the way into the spot? it's probably mine.
sorry, i'm used to parking the volvo.
also, it makes finding my car harder, so really, we both lose.
what do you do that's annoying?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

late bloomer

I officially made myself the last person on the planet to see "Punch Drunk Love" last week, and while it didn't leave a lasting impression, I couldn't help loving the scene where to two main characters are expressing their love by saying:
"I want to smash you in the face with a sledgehammer" and "I want to suck out your eyeball and chew on it"
It's kind of gross and disturbing but at the same time wildly romantic and completely familiar.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear MTV

Thanks for posting full episodes of Engaged and Underage on your site. I've never felt so smirky.




i actually went inside the kutztown airport office and asked to take pictures of the planes. i felt pretty brave doing it, and although they're not what i was hoping for, it was fun to walk around the planes and check them out. the old men working there were pretty suspicious of me walking around with my i didn't stick around real long.

why it's loud in here.

guy at bar: what are you drinking? it looks like water.

me: oh, yeah it probably is now, it was ice.

g.a.b: i drank, like, 2 gallons of water today.

me: (nodding, impressed)

g.a.b: how much did you drink?

me: probably less than that. are we actually having this conversation?

Monday, July 23, 2007


i know!!!
i haven't been posting here!

but i've been posting here
and reading this,
and taking pictures,
and studying up on her,
and listening to this,
and sometimes on sundays i take naps.

i swear i'm not slacking. i'll be so dedicated when the weather's crappy.

i have 4 items

note to self:
while it seems really simple and uncomplicated to walk around the mall purse-free - credit card in pocket, and keys clipped to your belt loop, everyone thinks they need to ask you for a changing room and that is even more annoying than carrying a purse.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


i bought this fabric spray paint a while ago and last night, while hanging out with friends, i broke it out to see how it worked. my friend uriah drew this image onto a brown paper bag (the image is copied from my "small things" ring) and i cut it out with an exacto knife and used it as a stencil. i think it worked out pretty well and i can't wait to experiment some more!

ALSO i bought all these crazy stencils from ikea- probably 5 years ago, and kept them in my infamous closet and NOW i have a reason to use them! hurrah!


so it's not realllly dumspter diving if you never get into the dumpster right? like say you just happened to park near one and 3 (the 3rd one isn't in the picture, i already loaded it into my car at that point) odd-colored but sturdy ottomans were sort of, ya know, perched on top of the dumpster behind steinmart...

i think if i covered these three and sat them next to each other they could replace one of the ugly couches in my apartment.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

saving time or slightly insane?

today i also picked out all of my outfits for next week. i've never done that before but thought it would help me save time in the mornings, keep my room cleaner (since i don't have to try several combinations before finding just what i want), and enable me to make more stylish, put-together choices- ones i definitely couldn't come up with in my foggy morning mind.
so here they are: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.

i will pair all of them (except tuesday, which is a dress) with jeans and flats. and finding matching jewelry will now be a cinch.
note that i didn't show you photos of my living room or kitchen which are a tad bit chaotic from all the "organizing" taking place today.

*woohoo- wednesday's a holiday so i already have monday of next week!


this post is dedicated to my sister laura, who spent almost an entire day of her visit to pennsylvania helping me clean out my old closet at my parents house- which contained: vintage fabric, buttons, sewing supplies, books, pictures, old dresses, college architecture projects, college notes, records, beloved magazines, 2 retro napkin holders, dozens of scarves, aprons, and many, many other things.
well laura, you seem to have rubbed off on me, since i now look at every spot of clutter in my apt. and picture how it could look in it's serene organized state.
recently i organized my earrings, necklaces, headbands and sunglasses- the earrings are in a plastic tackle box i bought for super cheap:

next up- my freezer! whenever i open the door, my toes curl under because they don't like frozen things falling on them.

clever on a sunday

after a completely revitalizing day at the point pleasant beach, i spent the day starting and finishing projects all over my apartment.
inspired by the bookcase in my last post, i procrastinated cleaning my kitchen by sitting down in front of my bookcase and separating all of the books into stacks organized by spine color. i removed any particularly offensive ones (my roomates nicholas sparks') and any particularly dull ones and fit them snugly in rainbow order in between the columns of the shelf. since i own quite a few books that are too tall to stand vertically, i did my best to apply roy g. biv to the flat stack and used those and the few magazines i can't bear to part with (old marthas, budget living- r.i.p., anthropologie catalogs so sweet they give me cavities...) to prop up my many thin-spined vintage pamphlets with titles such as "champagne makes a party," "learn to'll love it!" and "500 Delicious Dishes From LEFTOVERS" (that is how the title looks, with "leftovers" in all caps). i am quite pleased with the results.

Friday, June 1, 2007


i found a new thrift store, on the south side of bethlehem, quite close to my community garden. i'd driven past a few times and finally got to go in.
the first thing i spotted was this awesome pirate print stretched across a wood frame- i took it inside since it had no price and ended up paying $5 for it. not sure what to do with it- i think it ought to go to my nephew.

i asked if they had more furniture and the salesgirl pointed me downstairs. i walked down into a poorly lit, dank basement...and manuevered my way through the rows of couches, bedroom sets, elementary school desks, and suitcases that formed an intricate maze. a sheet hung in a doorway that led to another room...and sort of wanted to get out of there. i was torn between feeling like this was a prime place to be kidnapped, and searching for the perfect vintage vanity. in the end, i didn't see anything worth staying in the creepy basement i headed back upstairs and checked out the clothes. And just so you know- this picture isn't really showing just how dark and creepy the basement was- i was just scared of someone jumping out of the sheet covered cave and killing me so i only took one quick picture.

nothing else caught my eye but i'd definitely go back- with pepper spray or a large man.

you say to-may-to.

I know these two old italian ladies, leftover great-aunts from an old boyfriend. They live alone, cook every day, and nap in the afternoons- I aspire to grow old like them.
I visit occasionally and between forkfuls of homemade pasta, I ask marge cooking questions, determined to learn her secrets.
We use the same cookbook, but everything she makes tastes better. My lastest query was concerning her homemade sauce- I follow the same recipe, but mine always tastes bitter... just not right. She pointed out I was probably using the wrong brand of canned tomatoes- and shuffled right down into her basement to bring me two cans of her own- Rienzi Whole with Puree being her top choice:

So wednesday night I began my experiment- I used her tomatoes and bought another brand- more expensive than I usually buy (just cause they didn't have Rienzi)- I also never used whole with puree, but crushed tomatoes.
Here are the results:

The sauce I made from her tomatoes was definitely superior- for one thing- the tomatoes themselves were bigger and softer and easier to squish by hand. The brand I bought contained golf-ball sized tomatoes that were a bit more tough-skinned.
In the end, though, I mixed the two sauces and continued with my dinner plans- making chicken parm. I had a huge craving for this and bought thin chicken cutlets and slices of thin mozzarella (like they make it at a local restaurant)...
The fresh grated romano I bought smelled amazing- I believe this is the brand Marge uses- it comes from a local cheese factory in Nazareth.

Here's the final shot- there's probably something a little weird about taking photos of food I cook- but with all that work and only my roomate to appreciate it, I feel I need to show it off a little more- plus it reminds when I'm looking for dinner ideas later.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


is having a sale- all tees $10 till sunday. click here. but wait- seriously- do you have time to browse literally hundreds of artsy tees? honestly? cause that is what you'll do... you will click innocently on one, get a closer look, try to ignore the kids too indie for myspace posing in their shirts on the sidebar, and then keep going and going until you have a crick in your neck and end up feeling you really don't need any tshirts anyways.
that being's what i liked:

maybe just take my word that these are the good ones....
but i know you won't. happy browsing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

good things, 5/22

made myself go running-despite much complaining from my sore legs,
spent a long time poring over skincare products at target...
spent money on skincare products at target,
sushi from weiss,
a $4.50 bottle o' "wine"
and my first viewing of 'butch cassidy and the sundance kid'

Monday, May 21, 2007


he's gonna be a heartbreaker.

much like a rabbit...

Avery is incredibly squeeze-able but not at all fond of being squeezed.
however, he does give occasional kisses.

the girls

i spent the weekend in kentucky, wishing these lovely ladies a happy 30th. my relationship with my sisters is a bit of an odd one- we are seven years and over 600 miles apart. we don't really fight, since we never see each other enough to, we don't compete, since we're all at different stages in our lives. we all express our creativity in different ways and cheer each other on with an enthusiasm similar to the "yip"s and "lililili"s of a bellydancer. haha. inside joke.
most of the time i forget they are my sisters, and think of them instead as cool girls who are amazingly talented, always ahead of their time, with beautiful families and a lust for life.
if you met them, you would know what i mean- and you too would wonder to yourself "why aren't they famous???" i get so riled up when i see authors and artists and crafters and chefs that are famous and rich and don't have a tenth of the talent my sisters do- and that's not a self-serving statement- it is purely coincidence we are sisters- i share very little of their excellence.
i think of what my life would be like without them, and it makes my stomache hurt.
oh dear.
here are my beautiful sisters:

girls, thanks for teaching me how to be cool.


i was told if i don't update my blog soon, it's going to be removed from someone's bookmark bar, and i don't want that- so here's some new stuff.

Monday, May 7, 2007

new recipe

took some pics but they didn't turn out. maybe i'll post them later anyways.
i love pasta salad, it's cool and refreshing, filling, doesn't require heating up...
but i rarely make it since i live alone and would have to eat way too many leftovers to ever enjoy it again.
however, i whipped this one up pretty fast, and was able to make a small enough batch that i already want to make more.
here's what i did:

slightly undercook one cup whole wheat macaroni
scoop out seeds and dice one cucumber
thinly slice 1/4 cup red onion
dice one tomato and squeeze to remove extra juice
roughly chop a handful of parsley
cube or crumble 1/2 cup of feta cheese
toss in as many kalamata olives as you'd like.

for the dressing, any vinaigrette would work, i used red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, mixed with a little salt and pepper. any bottled italian or balsamic vinaigrette would probably be good too.

i know this is all pretty basic but the two special things i added to this salad are:
homemade croutons, and
freshly grated parmesan on top.

the salad has a nice crunch, balanced flavor, and keeps for 2 or 3 days.
let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007


if you're like me, you love a good cosmetic bargain- and you also have a tendency to leave lipgloss in the car on hot days until it bubbles and boils and separates, rendering it useless, and need a constant supply of lipcare products.
remember wet 'n wild? the trashy makeup of our youth? they changed their packaging (unfortunately not their name) and i was really drawn to this tinted chapstick for $2.
it's nice, slightly minty, a touch of color, and super cheap. i think you should buy some. i bought "a touch of bronze" -it's much lighter in person than it is here. i'm hoping that "a touch of bush" is a typo, and not an actual color.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

garage sale

725 2nd street, bethlehem. $4.
i'm using this trunk as a coffee table. i know it's been done, but i do really need one...finally a place to set all those coffee table books.

Friday, April 27, 2007

one night with a terrible movie.

I got "One NIght with the King" (based on Queen Esther) from Netflix and Debbie and I started it while eating dinner the other night. I thought it would be cute, I mean, it's basically a Cinderella story, but an empowered Cinderella that rescues her race from destruction. It's not like watching The Passion of the Christ or anything... I mean, I used to have this Queen Esther book I loved and the pictures were of these beautiful tan Persian women wearing flowy abdomen baring get-ups. I mean, this was before Aladdin, so it was pretty racy in my book.
We got, oh, 30 seconds into it before realizing that it was going to be pretty terrible. After hearing one too many crappy (british? austrialian?) accents, I quickly finished my pizza and got up to work on the computer.
Debbie, however, gave me the play by play from the couch, and I think the worst part was: "Abby. She just said 'Hi!' to a butterfly.
It was turned off shortly after that.

I mean we're girls, we like love stories. But come on, folks, we're not 8 year old pansies. I think I'll go watch fight club.
Seriously. At least that love story's got some depth.
"Marla... the little scratch on the roof of your mouth that would heal if only you could stop tonguing it, but you can't."

p.s. this is my 100th post! thanks for reading, readers!