Thursday, January 4, 2007

natural high

swung by the mall last night, hoping that all the managers got tired of languishing-after-christmas-sales and decided to mark everything wayy down and happily, in the case of delias, i was right! i know that delias is aimed at 7th grade girls who listen to fallout boy but i prefer to think of them as the cheaper little sister of urban outfitters with way better sales. i passed by the pink hoodies with lightning bolts and instead bought these lovely gray flats that i have had bookmarked for months now ($20), a navy knit jacket ($20)...with lots of buttons and an awesome collar, a gray turtleneck ($15) and some cute underwear ($3) and spent...$40! I forgot I had this full punchcard with me and got $20 off my purchase! Woo hoo! Also bought some black scrunchy type boots that can be worn tall or folded down and look like a buccaneer would wear. am wearing them today. feel pirate-y.

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