Tuesday, January 9, 2007

SWF In Search Of:

loyal, stylish partner to share the open road. Must enjoy- my music, long drives, hours of solitude.
Looking for long term only.

Yesterday, a.k.a. the longest day of my life, my car died on 78- going downhill though- what a sweetie. So I am really, and I mean- realllly thinking about taking step #23450 in adulthood and buying a newish car and making car payments. The thing is- cars are ugly, mostly, and the good looking ones are about 30k outta my price range. So help me, loyal readers (Katie and Laura) and let me know if you think of a moderately-priced, good-looking, twenty-something kinda car.

p.s. Why DO THEY EVEN BOTHER making cars in the following colors: maroon, green, yellow, gold, light blue? gross.
I realize that basically leaves black, but if I'm gonna be making payments, I better love it.

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