Monday, February 26, 2007


went shopping in new york on saturday and being the bargain shopper i am, got everything you see here for just under 30 bucks! super fun.
the kit is this screen printed pattern for a stuffed dog...yet another idea i think my sisters and i could rip off, improve on and be rich from. you in guys?

Friday, February 23, 2007

tis the season

there's a reason they're called shamROCK shakes. rough week? drink 'em till you're sick and sloppy.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

looking towards the future...

I found these ladies on face hunter and was really inspired by some of the looks... I'm really not as concerned with what's fashionable as much as I am with making good use of clothes you have (I have a crapload of scarves I need to drag out from under my bed...) and looking for creative pieces the next time I shop, whether it's at a flea market or nyc.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

black and gold

the last scene of the movie, drew has a shiny blach shirt and gold necklaces with skinny jeans. i never wear gold and hardly wear black but it looked great together.
the shirts are forever 21, the jewelry's


last nite deb and i went to see 'music and lyrics.' it was exactly what you'd expect to see. save yourself 10 bucks, watch the preview. we went cause she had free tickets, and we have an old, moldy crush on hugh grant (not sure if we do anymore...). hugh grant played a 90's has-been, and drew barrymore dressed really cute the entire there wasn't much acting involved.
i was actually really inspired by drew's look, i mean she looked really put together. and i don't say that verry easily. she had a touch of everything that's new and fresh. i'll post some of her looks in the next blog. i'm just not sure if they'll work with my short hair. boo. i want to grow it out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

come on ride the...

i'm looking up some good deals for a quick getaway to florida for easter, and my search is leaving me more and more bummed that trains aren't a more feasible travel option.
after reading 'atlas shrugged' i had this strong urge to take a train somewhere and it hasn't quite left yet. wouldn't it be great if i could hop a train that left, say, allentown, and take it to,...i don't know...lexington? or boston? or florida?
i would totally do it! and LUXURY trains!? i mean at the price you pay to ride a train, they should be luxury to begin with. I did ride a train once, from boston to newark and it was cool and fun but i kind of had to hype it up a bit. plus it was in high school so doing anything without parents seemed cool back then.
such a shame about trains. i hope they make a majoy comeback. i'll be the first on board. ha. ha.

Monday, February 12, 2007

mixed tape

it was a year ago today that we broke up. hours later i thought to myself, you can do it, look, you've been broken up for 3 hours and you're still ok. then it was 8 hours, then 12, and now it's a full year. and i am still ok.
but in the spirit of sappiness i'm sharing my own breakup mix, we've all got em and they're as effective as bandaids.
so go here
type in my email:
and the password which is:meltyourheart
and you can download my mix or post your own!


is the site that I bought the bottles from, and if you're anything like me or either of my sisters, it'll make you shriek with delight. Bottles and tins and jars of every shape and size... have a ball.

weekend projects

These are some things I've been wanting to do since, oh...december.
The first project I tackled this weekend was bottling the vanilla that's been sitting for about 3 months. I bought a huge bottle of vodka, a bunch of Vanilla beans from this mennonite grocery store (SO much cheaper than wegmans) and let them hang out for a while. I was going to bottle the stuff and give it as christmas presents but I was worried I would basically be giving people dirty-looking vodka so i decided to let it sit for a while yet. the color is amber...not real dark like you would expect.
i bought these vellum labels and wrote "pure vanilla extract" on can't really tell in the picture.
the second project i took care of was moving this old metal cabinet into my kitchen. i reaally need it since i've been storing my cereal and popcorn on the floor. plus, i love having lots of mismatched dishes and my roomate loves having lots of oversized mugs so we've been stacking plates and bowls on a stool for the last few months. Anyways... I found this cabinet at renningers for $25 and i think it's pretty nifty. As you can see, it's a little scummy... I wiped it down but now I'm just calling it shabby chic. It fits right into my kitchen. I like how it's starting to look like an antique store in there. An organized, functional, cozy antique store.

Friday, February 9, 2007


painfully cute

makes me miss my little southern boys...


it is frigid. everywhere.
regardless of how much lipcare product is applied, my lips constantly have a flaky perimeter.
my knuckles have dried up to resemble golden raisins.
my car is covered in a white coating of grime and dirt.
my first reaction to the cold air when i open my car door or walk out of a building is a curseword.

the above items are the things gettin me by, the excuses below are how i justify buying two colors of the same shoe and constantly treating myself to liquid chocolate.
however, i believe, from the bottom of my heart that warm weather is coming and one day we will be able to walk freely in the outdoors, unrestricted by cumbersome outerwear, inhale the warm sweet air of spring and expose our bare skin to all kinds of delicious UV rays.
i'm talking to you, global warming. where have you been all my life and what's taking so long?

science of sleep

here are my top 5 reasons i enjoyed this movie:
1. the imagery... makes me want to ransack my old art room from elementary school and build villages out of trash.
2. any movie that uses 3 languages is not only interesting to watch, but also justifies my obsessive need for subtitles.
3. don't wanna ruin it for you, but basically, he's the male amelie.
4. i am a champion netflixer: i receive the movie, watch it that night, return it. i am clinging to this one.
5. i am fascinated with gael garcia bernal's mouth

Thursday, February 8, 2007


you mean in just six weeks i could look like you?
Sign me Up!
this post is basically just here cause I like calling Denise "Denise Austin" while we're at the gym.
She probably doesn't enjoy it as much.


i love you, cozy sand colored jacket. i bet you smell warm and chalky like sidewalks after it rains.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

mwah: UpDated!

so here's my first attempt at a recycled valentine,
it's called "Wax Lips"-thanks Christa!

i have a tendency to collect useless objects.. like strawberry baskets for example. and tiny cardboard boxes. well ha-ha last night the baskets came in handy.
i used an old tube of embarrassingly red lipstick, kissed a sheet of wax paper approximately a dozen times, and folded the paper over to seal. it's cool cause the wax from the lipstick seals the paper together so you don't need to glue it or anything. then i cut out the kisses into circles and starting writing reasons for each kiss.
being currently boyfriend-less, i had to use my imagination, but here are some of mine:
for shaving your mustache
for the time you wiped dog poop off my shoe
for letting me borrow your blue tshirt
for watching girly movies with me

unfortunately, all that and i still might not be able to enter the contest because i only just started using flickr and apparently it takes a few days for them to look over your pics and make sure they're not nasty. oh well.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


"Women are the only realists; their whole object in life is to pit their realism against the extravagant, excessive, and occasionally drunken idealism of men."

when i said computer savvy on my resume, it was an exaggeration.

although i have been a much more prolific poster, i still neglected to take care of some important blogging issues until now.
1. i changed my settings so anyone can leave a comment and not just registered users
2. you'll have to verify a word when you leave a comment so i'll stop getting spammed.
hope you like the changes : )

feelin' crafty?

Then do this.
It's a contest for Craft magazine to make Valentine's out of recycled stuff. Entries are due this friday!
If I have time tonight or tomorrow night, I plan to.

Monday, February 5, 2007


"Defined as 'a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of stairs, climbing stairs, or falling down stairs', each year this surprisingly common phobia causes countless people needless distress.
Known by a number of names - Climacophobia, Fear of Stairs, Fear of Climbing Stairs, and Fear of Falling Down Stairs being the most common - the problem often significantly impacts the quality of life. It can cause panic attacks and keep people apart from loved ones and business associates. Symptoms typically include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and overall feelings of dread..."

I can't believe this is an actual, acknowledged fear.
Every time I walk up stairs- uncarpeted, cement ones, I feel like I'm going to tip backwards and crack my head open. So I don't actually have any of the symptoms, except maybe the overall feeling of dread. There is actually a prescription for it.
It's not causing me needless distress, and it doesn't keep me apart from loved ones or business associates. It's more like a fleeting thought along with a visualization of the event, the tipping, the falling backwards, the blood seeping into the cement.
I guess I'm just lucky I'm not one of the countless people whose quality of life has been affected. I imagine installing a stair lift wouldn't help.

smell you later.

do eau de toilettes ever have good names?
the answer is no.
Provocative Woman
Very Sexy
Envy Me
Very Irresistible
Provocative Interlude

these sound like phrases you'd find on a conversation heart.
and just a word to whoever comes up with perfume names- "Very" isn't adding the drama you were hoping it would, it just makes me laugh at you.
What kind of woman uses perfume from a bottle that says "Envy Me" on it? Can you picture her? I can. And I want to sit her down and talk to her. Maybe it's just cause I still kind of laugh at the idea of someone trying to be sexy. I mean, believe me, I try to be put-together or stylish, pretty, even- but trying to look and be sexy just makes me think I would attract way too much of the wrong kind of attention from a bunch of superficial creeps.
Of course, maybe "Very irresistible" is just that and no one actually buys fragrance because they think the name should embody their character, they just like the smell. I hope so.
But still, I prefer these names:

Amazing Grace

to "provocative interlude" anyday.

Friday, February 2, 2007


given that last post, it would probably be a good investment for me to purchase this.

vermicelli saved my dinner

hungry for a huge serving of veggies, i bought everything to make a big stir fry:
savoy cabbage
snow peas
I threw everything into the wok in pretty much that order. While that was cooking I was also working some rice. I used the ratio of 2 1/2 c. water to 1 c. brown rice as found in the 'the joy of cooking.' let me tell you, it was not joyful, 30-40 minutes later when my rice was-
still hard
and burnt on the bottom
I was a little upset. i hate cooking for just one person to begin with, i went out and bought all these lovely veggies and it's just nearly impossible for me to enjoy something so delicious without the presence of any carbs.
THEN I remembered the lovely clear strands of noodles packed neatly away in my pantry, awaiting the warmer weather and need for chilled spring rolls.
I boiled a pan of water and in no time the noodles were silken strings of perfection. Reminded me of the Thai dishes at Wan Pen.
The stir fry was lovely and I will never hesitate to make one again since I no longer need to give a second thought to using the tedious and unsuccessful rice.