Thursday, February 15, 2007

come on ride the...

i'm looking up some good deals for a quick getaway to florida for easter, and my search is leaving me more and more bummed that trains aren't a more feasible travel option.
after reading 'atlas shrugged' i had this strong urge to take a train somewhere and it hasn't quite left yet. wouldn't it be great if i could hop a train that left, say, allentown, and take it to,...i don't know...lexington? or boston? or florida?
i would totally do it! and LUXURY trains!? i mean at the price you pay to ride a train, they should be luxury to begin with. I did ride a train once, from boston to newark and it was cool and fun but i kind of had to hype it up a bit. plus it was in high school so doing anything without parents seemed cool back then.
such a shame about trains. i hope they make a majoy comeback. i'll be the first on board. ha. ha.

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