Friday, February 9, 2007


it is frigid. everywhere.
regardless of how much lipcare product is applied, my lips constantly have a flaky perimeter.
my knuckles have dried up to resemble golden raisins.
my car is covered in a white coating of grime and dirt.
my first reaction to the cold air when i open my car door or walk out of a building is a curseword.

the above items are the things gettin me by, the excuses below are how i justify buying two colors of the same shoe and constantly treating myself to liquid chocolate.
however, i believe, from the bottom of my heart that warm weather is coming and one day we will be able to walk freely in the outdoors, unrestricted by cumbersome outerwear, inhale the warm sweet air of spring and expose our bare skin to all kinds of delicious UV rays.
i'm talking to you, global warming. where have you been all my life and what's taking so long?

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