Wednesday, February 7, 2007

mwah: UpDated!

so here's my first attempt at a recycled valentine,
it's called "Wax Lips"-thanks Christa!

i have a tendency to collect useless objects.. like strawberry baskets for example. and tiny cardboard boxes. well ha-ha last night the baskets came in handy.
i used an old tube of embarrassingly red lipstick, kissed a sheet of wax paper approximately a dozen times, and folded the paper over to seal. it's cool cause the wax from the lipstick seals the paper together so you don't need to glue it or anything. then i cut out the kisses into circles and starting writing reasons for each kiss.
being currently boyfriend-less, i had to use my imagination, but here are some of mine:
for shaving your mustache
for the time you wiped dog poop off my shoe
for letting me borrow your blue tshirt
for watching girly movies with me

unfortunately, all that and i still might not be able to enter the contest because i only just started using flickr and apparently it takes a few days for them to look over your pics and make sure they're not nasty. oh well.

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