Monday, February 5, 2007

smell you later.

do eau de toilettes ever have good names?
the answer is no.
Provocative Woman
Very Sexy
Envy Me
Very Irresistible
Provocative Interlude

these sound like phrases you'd find on a conversation heart.
and just a word to whoever comes up with perfume names- "Very" isn't adding the drama you were hoping it would, it just makes me laugh at you.
What kind of woman uses perfume from a bottle that says "Envy Me" on it? Can you picture her? I can. And I want to sit her down and talk to her. Maybe it's just cause I still kind of laugh at the idea of someone trying to be sexy. I mean, believe me, I try to be put-together or stylish, pretty, even- but trying to look and be sexy just makes me think I would attract way too much of the wrong kind of attention from a bunch of superficial creeps.
Of course, maybe "Very irresistible" is just that and no one actually buys fragrance because they think the name should embody their character, they just like the smell. I hope so.
But still, I prefer these names:

Amazing Grace

to "provocative interlude" anyday.

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