Friday, February 2, 2007

vermicelli saved my dinner

hungry for a huge serving of veggies, i bought everything to make a big stir fry:
savoy cabbage
snow peas
I threw everything into the wok in pretty much that order. While that was cooking I was also working some rice. I used the ratio of 2 1/2 c. water to 1 c. brown rice as found in the 'the joy of cooking.' let me tell you, it was not joyful, 30-40 minutes later when my rice was-
still hard
and burnt on the bottom
I was a little upset. i hate cooking for just one person to begin with, i went out and bought all these lovely veggies and it's just nearly impossible for me to enjoy something so delicious without the presence of any carbs.
THEN I remembered the lovely clear strands of noodles packed neatly away in my pantry, awaiting the warmer weather and need for chilled spring rolls.
I boiled a pan of water and in no time the noodles were silken strings of perfection. Reminded me of the Thai dishes at Wan Pen.
The stir fry was lovely and I will never hesitate to make one again since I no longer need to give a second thought to using the tedious and unsuccessful rice.

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