Monday, February 12, 2007

weekend projects

These are some things I've been wanting to do since, oh...december.
The first project I tackled this weekend was bottling the vanilla that's been sitting for about 3 months. I bought a huge bottle of vodka, a bunch of Vanilla beans from this mennonite grocery store (SO much cheaper than wegmans) and let them hang out for a while. I was going to bottle the stuff and give it as christmas presents but I was worried I would basically be giving people dirty-looking vodka so i decided to let it sit for a while yet. the color is amber...not real dark like you would expect.
i bought these vellum labels and wrote "pure vanilla extract" on can't really tell in the picture.
the second project i took care of was moving this old metal cabinet into my kitchen. i reaally need it since i've been storing my cereal and popcorn on the floor. plus, i love having lots of mismatched dishes and my roomate loves having lots of oversized mugs so we've been stacking plates and bowls on a stool for the last few months. Anyways... I found this cabinet at renningers for $25 and i think it's pretty nifty. As you can see, it's a little scummy... I wiped it down but now I'm just calling it shabby chic. It fits right into my kitchen. I like how it's starting to look like an antique store in there. An organized, functional, cozy antique store.

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