Wednesday, March 14, 2007

abegail anne

No time to see where you went abegail
moving throughout dallow water to spill
there crash a wave torn apart on its sail
hope I will see the end one maybe will
open eyes to see it all
I've known you at six feet tall
no time to see where you'll drift abigail.

funny how life comes around in a giant circle.
i found this lovely jeremy enigk song "if i could love you" on a random mix i had on itunes and wanted to look up a little bit more about him and what he's done and lo and behold- he's written a song about me. well not quite, and i'm abigail ann, not abegail anne, but still it was a pleasing discovery and i downloaded it promptly. upon noticing jeremy enigk looked quite familiar, i began to read his bio which informed me (and all of you that were current and hip at the beginning of emo are screaming inside and rolling your eyes at your monitor because DUH i didn't know-) He was the former singer of Sunny Day Real Estate... which is a band that i was never really into but still play a significant role in my memory.

the end.
but not of abigail ann.

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