Friday, March 23, 2007


time: wednesday, half off every color tag
location: shoes, salvation army, allentown
involved: dumpy salvation army worker, old drunk allentownie.

girl: yeah i see you online alot
man: well i'm online, but i'm not "online"...
girl: no i see you on yahoo.
man: yeah it says i'm online, but i'm not "on. line."
man: you know what i mean, right?
man: like it says i'm online...
man: but i'm not "on-line"
man: i'm always "on-line"
man: but i'm not actually "on-line."
girl: (still confused.) oh.

I desparately wanted to clarify, but I waited by the turtlenecks until they went their separate ways- then continued over to the shoes only to notice the minty smell of alcohol hanging in the air next to the penny loafers.

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