Thursday, March 15, 2007


There’s something so virtuous about running in the rain.
The air is so quiet.
At first I hear nothing-
Then a bit of rain gently slaps the pavement
My jacket rustles beneath my swinging arms
My sneakers crunch like gears on the gravel.

My careless breathing catches up with me
And exertion tightens in my throat.
Rain mists my cheeks and lips, and sometimes gets in my eyes.

I stare down and my legs look strong and muscular
The white of my sneakers flash out from under my knees
And I can hardly believe I’m the one telling them to go so fast.

I slow down to a strong walk
And can feel my belly
Warm, tight, and itchy from the cold.
My hair is slick with rain,
And my arms seem to move faster than the rest of me.

I can smell the neighbors farm-
The distinct sweet and foul smell of cows.
I’m almost home.

Within minutes I’m inside my house.
Warmth pulses in my ears and cheeks,
And my body feels tired and good,
Pleased to be given the task of working hard.

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