Monday, March 5, 2007

stop it.

me: hey
me: i bought this perfume
me: and it smells so good
lauren: haha
lauren: good story
me: and every two seconds i keep smelling my wrist
me: it prolly looks creepy to the people walking past my office
lauren: o lord i love smelly things
lauren: hahaha or really vain
lauren: just smelling yourself all day
me: no, seriously
me: i can barely type i just want to smell
me: mmm...
lauren: your boss will come in one day
me: i know
me: that's what scares me
lauren: "i'm sorry abby we had to let you go reason being you've been smelling too much"
me: haha
me: HR will contact me
me: Persons who persist in smelling their own body parts are hereby banned from using our offices and must work from home.

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