Wednesday, March 28, 2007

tackling important issues.

zach: F***ing taco bell
zach: Forgot
me: uh oh
zach: My nachos
me: oh no!
zach: F***ing again last night
zach: Like what the hell
me: call them again
zach: I freaking should
zach: I order 10 dollars worth of food i want my nachos
me: you need to like stay in the parking lot and check
me: before you get home
zach: I knowwww
me: haven't you learned your lesson?
zach: Apparently not haha
zach: I was just so hungryy
me: well come on
me: taco bell= good food, chance of illness, and sloppy customer service. everyone knows that
zach: maybe i'll just go to the easton one from now on
me: no zach
me: you're not hearing me
me: it's not the location
me: it's the company
zach: No way, tb rules, those workers are just slackers at that location
zach: Forgetting nachos left and right

No Zach, forgetting nachos is a company-wide policy.

stay tuned for our thoughts on social sercurity.

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