Monday, May 21, 2007

the girls

i spent the weekend in kentucky, wishing these lovely ladies a happy 30th. my relationship with my sisters is a bit of an odd one- we are seven years and over 600 miles apart. we don't really fight, since we never see each other enough to, we don't compete, since we're all at different stages in our lives. we all express our creativity in different ways and cheer each other on with an enthusiasm similar to the "yip"s and "lililili"s of a bellydancer. haha. inside joke.
most of the time i forget they are my sisters, and think of them instead as cool girls who are amazingly talented, always ahead of their time, with beautiful families and a lust for life.
if you met them, you would know what i mean- and you too would wonder to yourself "why aren't they famous???" i get so riled up when i see authors and artists and crafters and chefs that are famous and rich and don't have a tenth of the talent my sisters do- and that's not a self-serving statement- it is purely coincidence we are sisters- i share very little of their excellence.
i think of what my life would be like without them, and it makes my stomache hurt.
oh dear.
here are my beautiful sisters:

girls, thanks for teaching me how to be cool.

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