Friday, June 1, 2007


i found a new thrift store, on the south side of bethlehem, quite close to my community garden. i'd driven past a few times and finally got to go in.
the first thing i spotted was this awesome pirate print stretched across a wood frame- i took it inside since it had no price and ended up paying $5 for it. not sure what to do with it- i think it ought to go to my nephew.

i asked if they had more furniture and the salesgirl pointed me downstairs. i walked down into a poorly lit, dank basement...and manuevered my way through the rows of couches, bedroom sets, elementary school desks, and suitcases that formed an intricate maze. a sheet hung in a doorway that led to another room...and sort of wanted to get out of there. i was torn between feeling like this was a prime place to be kidnapped, and searching for the perfect vintage vanity. in the end, i didn't see anything worth staying in the creepy basement i headed back upstairs and checked out the clothes. And just so you know- this picture isn't really showing just how dark and creepy the basement was- i was just scared of someone jumping out of the sheet covered cave and killing me so i only took one quick picture.

nothing else caught my eye but i'd definitely go back- with pepper spray or a large man.

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