Friday, June 1, 2007

you say to-may-to.

I know these two old italian ladies, leftover great-aunts from an old boyfriend. They live alone, cook every day, and nap in the afternoons- I aspire to grow old like them.
I visit occasionally and between forkfuls of homemade pasta, I ask marge cooking questions, determined to learn her secrets.
We use the same cookbook, but everything she makes tastes better. My lastest query was concerning her homemade sauce- I follow the same recipe, but mine always tastes bitter... just not right. She pointed out I was probably using the wrong brand of canned tomatoes- and shuffled right down into her basement to bring me two cans of her own- Rienzi Whole with Puree being her top choice:

So wednesday night I began my experiment- I used her tomatoes and bought another brand- more expensive than I usually buy (just cause they didn't have Rienzi)- I also never used whole with puree, but crushed tomatoes.
Here are the results:

The sauce I made from her tomatoes was definitely superior- for one thing- the tomatoes themselves were bigger and softer and easier to squish by hand. The brand I bought contained golf-ball sized tomatoes that were a bit more tough-skinned.
In the end, though, I mixed the two sauces and continued with my dinner plans- making chicken parm. I had a huge craving for this and bought thin chicken cutlets and slices of thin mozzarella (like they make it at a local restaurant)...
The fresh grated romano I bought smelled amazing- I believe this is the brand Marge uses- it comes from a local cheese factory in Nazareth.

Here's the final shot- there's probably something a little weird about taking photos of food I cook- but with all that work and only my roomate to appreciate it, I feel I need to show it off a little more- plus it reminds when I'm looking for dinner ideas later.

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