Tuesday, July 31, 2007

late bloomer

I officially made myself the last person on the planet to see "Punch Drunk Love" last week, and while it didn't leave a lasting impression, I couldn't help loving the scene where to two main characters are expressing their love by saying:
"I want to smash you in the face with a sledgehammer" and "I want to suck out your eyeball and chew on it"
It's kind of gross and disturbing but at the same time wildly romantic and completely familiar.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear MTV

Thanks for posting full episodes of Engaged and Underage on your site. I've never felt so smirky.




i actually went inside the kutztown airport office and asked to take pictures of the planes. i felt pretty brave doing it, and although they're not what i was hoping for, it was fun to walk around the planes and check them out. the old men working there were pretty suspicious of me walking around with my camera...so i didn't stick around real long.

why it's loud in here.

guy at bar: what are you drinking? it looks like water.

me: oh, yeah it probably is now, it was ice.

g.a.b: i drank, like, 2 gallons of water today.

me: (nodding, impressed)

g.a.b: how much did you drink?

me: probably less than that. are we actually having this conversation?

Monday, July 23, 2007


i know!!!
i haven't been posting here!

but i've been posting here
and reading this,
and taking pictures,
and studying up on her,
and listening to this,
and sometimes on sundays i take naps.

i swear i'm not slacking. i'll be so dedicated when the weather's crappy.

i have 4 items

note to self:
while it seems really simple and uncomplicated to walk around the mall purse-free - credit card in pocket, and keys clipped to your belt loop, everyone thinks they need to ask you for a changing room and that is even more annoying than carrying a purse.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


i bought this fabric spray paint a while ago and last night, while hanging out with friends, i broke it out to see how it worked. my friend uriah drew this image onto a brown paper bag (the image is copied from my "small things" ring) and i cut it out with an exacto knife and used it as a stencil. i think it worked out pretty well and i can't wait to experiment some more!

ALSO i bought all these crazy stencils from ikea- probably 5 years ago, and kept them in my infamous closet and NOW i have a reason to use them! hurrah!


so it's not realllly dumspter diving if you never get into the dumpster right? like say you just happened to park near one and 3 (the 3rd one isn't in the picture, i already loaded it into my car at that point) odd-colored but sturdy ottomans were sort of, ya know, perched on top of the dumpster behind steinmart...

i think if i covered these three and sat them next to each other they could replace one of the ugly couches in my apartment.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

saving time or slightly insane?

today i also picked out all of my outfits for next week. i've never done that before but thought it would help me save time in the mornings, keep my room cleaner (since i don't have to try several combinations before finding just what i want), and enable me to make more stylish, put-together choices- ones i definitely couldn't come up with in my foggy morning mind.
so here they are: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.

i will pair all of them (except tuesday, which is a dress) with jeans and flats. and finding matching jewelry will now be a cinch.
note that i didn't show you photos of my living room or kitchen which are a tad bit chaotic from all the "organizing" taking place today.

*woohoo- wednesday's a holiday so i already have monday of next week!


this post is dedicated to my sister laura, who spent almost an entire day of her visit to pennsylvania helping me clean out my old closet at my parents house- which contained: vintage fabric, buttons, sewing supplies, books, pictures, old dresses, college architecture projects, college notes, records, beloved magazines, 2 retro napkin holders, dozens of scarves, aprons, and many, many other things.
well laura, you seem to have rubbed off on me, since i now look at every spot of clutter in my apt. and picture how it could look in it's serene organized state.
recently i organized my earrings, necklaces, headbands and sunglasses- the earrings are in a plastic tackle box i bought for super cheap:

next up- my freezer! whenever i open the door, my toes curl under because they don't like frozen things falling on them.

clever on a sunday

after a completely revitalizing day at the point pleasant beach, i spent the day starting and finishing projects all over my apartment.
inspired by the bookcase in my last post, i procrastinated cleaning my kitchen by sitting down in front of my bookcase and separating all of the books into stacks organized by spine color. i removed any particularly offensive ones (my roomates nicholas sparks') and any particularly dull ones and fit them snugly in rainbow order in between the columns of the shelf. since i own quite a few books that are too tall to stand vertically, i did my best to apply roy g. biv to the flat stack and used those and the few magazines i can't bear to part with (old marthas, budget living- r.i.p., anthropologie catalogs so sweet they give me cavities...) to prop up my many thin-spined vintage pamphlets with titles such as "champagne makes a party," "learn to bake...you'll love it!" and "500 Delicious Dishes From LEFTOVERS" (that is how the title looks, with "leftovers" in all caps). i am quite pleased with the results.