Sunday, July 1, 2007

clever on a sunday

after a completely revitalizing day at the point pleasant beach, i spent the day starting and finishing projects all over my apartment.
inspired by the bookcase in my last post, i procrastinated cleaning my kitchen by sitting down in front of my bookcase and separating all of the books into stacks organized by spine color. i removed any particularly offensive ones (my roomates nicholas sparks') and any particularly dull ones and fit them snugly in rainbow order in between the columns of the shelf. since i own quite a few books that are too tall to stand vertically, i did my best to apply roy g. biv to the flat stack and used those and the few magazines i can't bear to part with (old marthas, budget living- r.i.p., anthropologie catalogs so sweet they give me cavities...) to prop up my many thin-spined vintage pamphlets with titles such as "champagne makes a party," "learn to'll love it!" and "500 Delicious Dishes From LEFTOVERS" (that is how the title looks, with "leftovers" in all caps). i am quite pleased with the results.

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