Sunday, July 1, 2007


this post is dedicated to my sister laura, who spent almost an entire day of her visit to pennsylvania helping me clean out my old closet at my parents house- which contained: vintage fabric, buttons, sewing supplies, books, pictures, old dresses, college architecture projects, college notes, records, beloved magazines, 2 retro napkin holders, dozens of scarves, aprons, and many, many other things.
well laura, you seem to have rubbed off on me, since i now look at every spot of clutter in my apt. and picture how it could look in it's serene organized state.
recently i organized my earrings, necklaces, headbands and sunglasses- the earrings are in a plastic tackle box i bought for super cheap:

next up- my freezer! whenever i open the door, my toes curl under because they don't like frozen things falling on them.

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