Tuesday, October 30, 2007

open letter to clothing reconstructors everywhere

look ladies (and a couple men?),
i know you're really excited about your serger. you feel really professional, and you're right, i'm really jealous.
you think that you're set. now if only you could convince the world that serged edges everywhere on a garment was classically stylish.

here's the thing: it's not a good look. i've found a couple examples of a well-placed serged edge- but for every good piece, there's a hundred ripple-edged cardigans that look like they were purchased at Rave. I'm not gonna name names, it's hard enough to be a craftsperson trying to make a living on etsy without some unproductive critic picking on you, so please just take this constructive criticism, serge that edge, then fold it under and make a decent finished garment.

your pal,


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