Tuesday, December 11, 2007

more crafting...

I like switching from one project to the next- although in doing so my living room eventually becomes carpeted with bits of fabric and yarn and paintbrushes and glue. Anyways, last night I rotated between knitting, experimenting with covering cigar boxes with fabric (using a sweater did not work) and creating an odd little candle holder. I didn't set out to make a candle stick holder, I was just playing with paper (strips of magazines) and then more paper (rolls of telephone book pages from I project I'd given up on) and made this odd little useless cup, which I bound together with hot glue to hold one of my newly thrifted candlesticks.

Strangely pleased with it, but still feeling slightly crazy. The flannel-shirt cigar box is my new favorite...I almost sewed up my cozy old flannel shirt where it was ripped, but decided it was time to turn it into something else. It's life as a shirt was a good one, I was not it's first owner but surely it's proudest. It's been on a first date or two, and worn to many shows. It will live on in my apartment, probably holding more craft supplies.

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