Wednesday, January 30, 2008

thrift finds

Today is 50% off (most colors) at Salvation Army as well as some complicated 3 for 1 deal at American Family Services (this one never seems to work out in my favor). Either way, wednesday is naturally a great day to shop. Being low on funds and apartment storage made it even more of a vice.
I found everything I want in a coffee table in this sleek, wooden (slightly dilapidated), gray, paint-spattered piece. I didn't hesitate shelling out 15 bucks.

Also, a dress for dates (also bought the dress's purple and red sister, both $3.93)

And a Grandma cardigan! Woot! Can't have too many!

(don't get too excited, that bitch stinks and needs to go to the dry cleaners).

Two things occured to me whilst blissfully shopping:
1. Often during trips like these I'll find an interesting piece... a dress covered in pleats, say, or a bright blue bolero...and though I'm intrigued and want to wear them I put them back because the thought "Someone crazy wore this" flashes through my head.

2. I don't ever find anything to wear in urban outfitters anymore. I don't want to dress like a break-dancer, or a coked up ho, so I usually leave empty-handed. The good thing about this is- fashion and hipsters have moved on! They are leaving me my good old grandma cardigans, and fifties housewives dresses. They don't want old western shirts or wooly skirts anymore. My thrift stores may be picked over, but not for the things I'm shopping for. And for that, Urban, I give you my thanks.

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