Friday, March 28, 2008

hairy eyeball

Wednesday night I took a quick shower before my date. Afterwards, my contact felt funny and soon after my gentleman caller arrived, I excused myself to check it out. I peered into the mirror and saw what appeared to be an eyelash in the corner of my eye. I pulled down my lower lid and to my utter disgust saw an entire hair (from my head!) winding its way around my eyeball. I exclaimed something and proceeded pull the hair from its location.
After waving the head-hair at my date and fake gagging a few times, I have to say I felt pretty proud of my accomplishment.
Like I'd just performed minor surgery on myself.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


iTunes stats, originally on

Total Length
1436 songs, 3.8 days, 5.64 GB

First and Last Songs (by title)
Abigail Anne- Jeremy Enigk (how appropriate)
$$$$- Desaparecidos

Shortest and Longest Songs
And That's How I Chose to Remember it- Rilo Kiley (0:04)
Tereza and Tomas- Bright Eyes (25:47)

First and Last Albums (by title)
Achilles Heel- Pedro the Lion
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- The Flaming Lips

First and Last Artist (by name)
Adam and the Ants

Top Five Most Played Songs
If I Could Love You- Jeremy Enigk (111)
Your Ex-Lover is Dead- Stars (110)
Samson- Regina Spektor (107)
Summer in the City- Regina Spektor (101)
The Absence of God- Rilo Kiley (101)

Search for the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 3
Death: 37
Love: 64
You: 136
Home: 4
Boy: 31
Girl: 12

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle:
The City Has Sex- Bright Eyes
Hot Knives- Bright Eyes
Sullen Girl- Fiona Apple
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.- Sufjan Stevens
Intuition- Feist

Monday, March 17, 2008

one hundred things

rounding out the list:

71. eat pad thai in thailand.
72. live in france with my daughter while washing dishes in a fancy restaurant, le bouton style.
73. elope.
74. convert a factory/abandoned building/old garage into my house.
75. see coffee beans growing.
76. own chickens. (the blue-egg-laying kind.)
77. attend my sister's gallery opening.
78. own a wooden motorboat like my dad's.
79. buy avocados in mexico.
80. become a beekeeper.
81. go tubing down the delaware river.
82. teach english in a foreign country.
83. live near a creek.
84. reconnect with childhood friends.
85. finish my degree.
86. write and illustrate a children's book.
87. start a collection.
88. see jimmy eat world. what? ever hear of clarity?
89. buy someone a house.
90. camp out at the farm.
91. kayak in shallow, clear water.
92. stay in a villa on the island of capri.
93. learn to play something lovely on the piano.
94. finish atlas shrugged.
95. sangria in spain.
96. paint a mural.
97. visit f.l.wrights houses. all of them.
98. live for a year without the internet.
99. have a wine and cheese tasting.
100. enjoy it all.

exhausted. try it.

one hundred things


51. yoga headstand. (not even close yet)
52. make my own pasta.
53. buy up all the vintage fabric and sewing notions at a certain Renningers flea market booth and organize them neatly in my studio.
54. commission a large fireworks display to be done in the country.
55. spend a week in every state.
56. somehow repay my parents.
57. learn to weld.
58. build an eames-style lounge chair
59. run at least 5 miles straight. (at 3)
60. someday take all my immediate family somewhere tropical.
61. get my sisters' published.
62. take my kids to roadside america.
63. migrate south during the winter.
64. sponsor a refugee family to come to the states.
65. grow strawberries
66. buy the perfect leather purse and use it years.
67. buy paddleboats.
68. plan and host my 10 year high school reunion.
69. eat a persimmon.
70. adopt a bench on the point pleasant boardwalk.

maggie read my list! thanks, maggie!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

one hundred things


31. rent a vespa and drive up the amalfi coast.
32. organize a giant treasure hunt.
33. build a secret fort in the woods.
34. rewire my vintage lamp.
35. find a scent that perfectly replicates meyer lemons.
36. grow my own tea leaves.
37. teach someone english.
38. create an outdoor movie theatre.
39. buy a dog.
40. plant a garden bed in roy g. biv order.
41. plant moss graffiti.
42. build and cook with an earth oven.
43. take trapeze lessons.
44. harvest morels.
45. come up with and execute a clever idea incorporating my large collection of vintage scarves.
46. teach a kids cooking class.
47. read every book i ever wanted to.
48. cook every recipe i ever wanted to try.
49. write a cookbook entitled "meals of 1616 maple"
50. give birth

this is starting to get difficult.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one hundred things

maggie did this first.
here's what i've got so far:

1. own a store with big display windows.
2. write a novel never intended to be published.
3. make my own mozzarella cheese.
4. take a cooking class in italy.
5. design and sew myself an outfit.
6. grow a backyard grapevine canopy (like andrea's house had).
7. visit san francisco- never been out west.
8. restore an old movie theatre.
9. print old slides from my parents.
10. make my own lemon sorbet.
11. photograph every bit of the farm.
12. embroider a self portrait.
13. can a winter's worth of marinara sauce.
14. memorize parts of the bible.
15. live (possibly alone) in a cabin for a summer.
16. spend a week (at least) on a houseboat.
17. sail down the intercoastal waterway.
18. take a summer long road trip to every flea market on the east coast.
19. restore an old vacation house in canada to it's original kitsch condition.
20. take all of my nephews on a trip when they are older.
21. develop a simple wardrobe.
22. take a vacation with just my twin sisters.
23. take a cooking class in paris.
24. make my own wine.
25. eat strictly local for 6 months.
26. take a fancy train ride.
27. travel with musicians.
28. teach.
29. write a movie and produce it with friends.
30. institute monthly dinner parties with friends.