Monday, March 17, 2008

one hundred things

rounding out the list:

71. eat pad thai in thailand.
72. live in france with my daughter while washing dishes in a fancy restaurant, le bouton style.
73. elope.
74. convert a factory/abandoned building/old garage into my house.
75. see coffee beans growing.
76. own chickens. (the blue-egg-laying kind.)
77. attend my sister's gallery opening.
78. own a wooden motorboat like my dad's.
79. buy avocados in mexico.
80. become a beekeeper.
81. go tubing down the delaware river.
82. teach english in a foreign country.
83. live near a creek.
84. reconnect with childhood friends.
85. finish my degree.
86. write and illustrate a children's book.
87. start a collection.
88. see jimmy eat world. what? ever hear of clarity?
89. buy someone a house.
90. camp out at the farm.
91. kayak in shallow, clear water.
92. stay in a villa on the island of capri.
93. learn to play something lovely on the piano.
94. finish atlas shrugged.
95. sangria in spain.
96. paint a mural.
97. visit f.l.wrights houses. all of them.
98. live for a year without the internet.
99. have a wine and cheese tasting.
100. enjoy it all.

exhausted. try it.

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