Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one hundred things

maggie did this first.
here's what i've got so far:

1. own a store with big display windows.
2. write a novel never intended to be published.
3. make my own mozzarella cheese.
4. take a cooking class in italy.
5. design and sew myself an outfit.
6. grow a backyard grapevine canopy (like andrea's house had).
7. visit san francisco- never been out west.
8. restore an old movie theatre.
9. print old slides from my parents.
10. make my own lemon sorbet.
11. photograph every bit of the farm.
12. embroider a self portrait.
13. can a winter's worth of marinara sauce.
14. memorize parts of the bible.
15. live (possibly alone) in a cabin for a summer.
16. spend a week (at least) on a houseboat.
17. sail down the intercoastal waterway.
18. take a summer long road trip to every flea market on the east coast.
19. restore an old vacation house in canada to it's original kitsch condition.
20. take all of my nephews on a trip when they are older.
21. develop a simple wardrobe.
22. take a vacation with just my twin sisters.
23. take a cooking class in paris.
24. make my own wine.
25. eat strictly local for 6 months.
26. take a fancy train ride.
27. travel with musicians.
28. teach.
29. write a movie and produce it with friends.
30. institute monthly dinner parties with friends.

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