Wednesday, March 12, 2008

one hundred things


31. rent a vespa and drive up the amalfi coast.
32. organize a giant treasure hunt.
33. build a secret fort in the woods.
34. rewire my vintage lamp.
35. find a scent that perfectly replicates meyer lemons.
36. grow my own tea leaves.
37. teach someone english.
38. create an outdoor movie theatre.
39. buy a dog.
40. plant a garden bed in roy g. biv order.
41. plant moss graffiti.
42. build and cook with an earth oven.
43. take trapeze lessons.
44. harvest morels.
45. come up with and execute a clever idea incorporating my large collection of vintage scarves.
46. teach a kids cooking class.
47. read every book i ever wanted to.
48. cook every recipe i ever wanted to try.
49. write a cookbook entitled "meals of 1616 maple"
50. give birth

this is starting to get difficult.

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