Monday, March 17, 2008

one hundred things


51. yoga headstand. (not even close yet)
52. make my own pasta.
53. buy up all the vintage fabric and sewing notions at a certain Renningers flea market booth and organize them neatly in my studio.
54. commission a large fireworks display to be done in the country.
55. spend a week in every state.
56. somehow repay my parents.
57. learn to weld.
58. build an eames-style lounge chair
59. run at least 5 miles straight. (at 3)
60. someday take all my immediate family somewhere tropical.
61. get my sisters' published.
62. take my kids to roadside america.
63. migrate south during the winter.
64. sponsor a refugee family to come to the states.
65. grow strawberries
66. buy the perfect leather purse and use it years.
67. buy paddleboats.
68. plan and host my 10 year high school reunion.
69. eat a persimmon.
70. adopt a bench on the point pleasant boardwalk.

maggie read my list! thanks, maggie!

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