Tuesday, March 18, 2008


iTunes stats, originally on yewknee.com

Total Length
1436 songs, 3.8 days, 5.64 GB

First and Last Songs (by title)
Abigail Anne- Jeremy Enigk (how appropriate)
$$$$- Desaparecidos

Shortest and Longest Songs
And That's How I Chose to Remember it- Rilo Kiley (0:04)
Tereza and Tomas- Bright Eyes (25:47)

First and Last Albums (by title)
Achilles Heel- Pedro the Lion
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- The Flaming Lips

First and Last Artist (by name)
Adam and the Ants

Top Five Most Played Songs
If I Could Love You- Jeremy Enigk (111)
Your Ex-Lover is Dead- Stars (110)
Samson- Regina Spektor (107)
Summer in the City- Regina Spektor (101)
The Absence of God- Rilo Kiley (101)

Search for the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 3
Death: 37
Love: 64
You: 136
Home: 4
Boy: 31
Girl: 12

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle:
The City Has Sex- Bright Eyes
Hot Knives- Bright Eyes
Sullen Girl- Fiona Apple
John Wayne Gacy, Jr.- Sufjan Stevens
Intuition- Feist

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