Monday, April 28, 2008


I've really been enjoying this tumblr featuring daily comics of "Garfield" without the obnoxious fat cat. John should just give up the huge-lipped veterinarian and settle for apple-shaped Cathy, then they both could live miserably ever after. aack.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


My church is working to re-settle a Burmese family in Emmaus.
I have visited with the children 2 days and they are already pretty easy to understand.
It's so fun to be around these curious kids... here is Paw Pah swinging at a park.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wing zone

I pull up behind a light blue Taurus. The light turns green but the car just sits for a moment then slowly, achingly, accelerates. I pass the car but we end up at the same stop light, in two separate lanes. A "Wing Zone" sign has been slapped hastily on the roof of the car, and a hairy arm rests on the ledge of the window. We travel through a series of stoplights together. I arrive at every one first and the wing zone car hangs back, indifferent to the color of the light.
I guess what the Wing Zone must look like by the obnoxious font of the logo. A dirty little place in a crummy strip mall, a couple regulars with ensueing heart problems and an old stereo playing classic rock with an undertone of fuzz.
As I turn left on my street, I see the arm in my rear view, enjoying a little bit of sun before heading back to clean the fryer.

Monday, April 21, 2008

what? i do stuff.

went to johnny brenda's last night to hear oakley hall and the constantines.
they did not play my favorite song.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I hear the train a'comin.

I've been really homesick for my family lately, and pretty restless in general. My nephew's having a birthday party on Sunday and I'm incredibly tempted to get in my car and hand deliver his present... money and responsibilities are holding me back.
A few years ago I moved to Kentucky for a couple months to live with my sister.
I listened to Bright Eyes' "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" pretty much the entire time...I can't listen to that album without having flashbacks of driving along country roads in my old volvo.
I wanted to see Bright Eyes live so badly, he was playing in Philadelphia but I was obviously too far to see him there... the closest show was in Columbus, Ohio, four hours away. I didn't make any friends during the short time I was living down there and I didn't have anyone to go to the show with. I was pretty bummed about it until my sister Laura offered to come with me. Laura and her sweet baby Eli, nearly one year old, packed up and rode along and stayed at a friend's while I went to the show.
When we drove home the next day it started snowing really heavy and we had to pull off the highway and get a hotel room. We shuffled through snow to get to a nearby strip mall and ordered Chinese food and browsed through a Big Lots and watched trashy t.v. and it was perfect.
I remember admiring Laura for being so free- able to pack and go and bring Eli. I don't know if Eli will grow up and listen to Bright Eyes and wish he lived in this era the way I yearned for the fifties but if he does I will be sure to tell him about the special pilgrimage he made with his mom so I could go see the timeless folk singer.
So, Happy Birthday Eli, wish I could be there.

i always go back to my roots.

most of the lyrics to "reinvent the wheel" off the four winds ep.
just feels relevant right now.

My friend you were a model, a priceless work of art.
Boys would fashion their emotions to the pattern of you heart.

And I know you'll never come back now to the world where people are.
'Cause you never understood what they loved you for.

There were many talents you possessed that I wished myself to have.
But the way your eyes would gloss over, well I never envied that.

I'm sure the T.V. sets will tell us when someone reinvents the wheel.
Till then I'll have a million conversations about shit that isn't real.

But I'll try to breathe in meaning dig deep through every gasp of air.
Cause I know you did the same thing for as long as you can bear.

I guess everything just circles 'round to where it was before.
So I hope I'll see you soon in some other form.