Monday, May 19, 2008

not "some chick."

This post is dedicated to, sponsored by, and exists because of my friend Jared.
Saturday evening, just minutes before being incredibly disappointed by Baby Mama, (Tina! Amy! how could you??? especially you, Tina. I took a BOY to your movie.), Jared and I were wandering around Barnes and Noble and I kept happening to mention this blogger I really liked, and how I read her blog every day and she's been blogging for years...and every time I said "BLOG" I tried to keep it down cause once I heard this Barnes and Noble worker explain what a BLOG is to a customer and she kept talking about her BLOG and why you should start reading BLOGS and she had this long nasty braid that came down to her butt and I just didn't want to be her- but I also wanted Jared to know how good this BLOG is! and how he should read this BLOG every day and that the BLOGGER is a really good writer! And Jared consoled me by saying that of all the places in the Lehigh Valley, Barnes and Noble is probably the safest place to be discussing blogs.
Then he sent me this:

10 seconds ago:
jared: so remember when we saw that not-very-funny chick flick?
about how cute babies are and stuff
me: yes
i was just blogging about that
jared: naturally

the girls.

Today is my twin sisters' birthday.
I'll be heading down to Kentucky to visit them at the end of this week but for now I thought I'd spread birthday cheer by posting this incredibly sweet picture of them, circa early eighties.

Whenever I refer to my twin sisters, people are always slightly confused (Wait- so you're a twin? Doesn't that make you...triplets?) but having the two of them is all I've ever known and having just one sister seems inadequate.
I talk about them often and if you knew them individually, you'd know why. They're both incredibly smart and artistic, funny and thoughtful. I may be biased, but to me they are always the coolest girls at the party. So I almost can't help talking about them, even if you haven't met them- because I feel what my parents must have when my mom gave birth to her very first baby and ended up bringing home two: incredibly lucky.

Monday, May 12, 2008

but which one is right?

thank you to my friend that said my hair makes me look like agent 99 from "get smart."
no thank you to my friend that said my hair makes me look like conor oberst.


Oh neglected blog, how I've avoided thee.
Let me renew our friendship with these:
Photographed and styled interpretations of children's drawings:

Better now?