Friday, June 20, 2008

case clothed.

This is my first week taking pictures of my clothes, almost every day, and uploading them to wardrobe remix on flickr. I did this for a couple reasons:
#1 Choosing an outfit is the number one reason I'm late anywhere. this is because-
#2 I have mostly thrifted, vintage, difficult-to-wear pieces, that require a little more thought and effort so they don't look too dated or frumpy.
#3 I have a ton of nice stuff that gets forgotten in one of the 3 clothing storage units in my room.
So I figured keeping track of what I've worn with flickr will be helpful. Maybe my problem is unique, but I'm sharing it anyways cause I think this is a great solution.
Also in my exciting and fulfilling new outfit hobby news, my friend Jared helped me install this awesome wall unit for hanging clothes:

The only downside is I'm probably not getting my security deposit back on this place.
p.s. found a new fashion blog that perfectly replaced stylebytes: The Clothes Horse.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

enough to make you a fatist

Paula Deen's heart hurts.
"Brunch burger with glazed doughnut buns!"

I thought the chunks of macaroni and cheese wrapped in bacon and deep fried was appalling but she really outdid herself with the brunch burger.

*thanks, Jared.

Taco Tuesday!*

*Except it's wednesday, and I'm making Pad Thai.
recipes here and here.
(I'll be following the 2nd recipe but the first has nicer pictures).

I'm super picky about Pad Thai, and I have yet to perfect it myself.
Here's the new techniques I'll be trying out tonight:
Using tamarind paste and making authentic sauce.
Making the sauce ahead of time and adding it to undercooked noodles.
Making one portion at a time in the wok.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Woo hoo for completing (partially. well...this is the second one) number 30 on my list!

Friday, June 6, 2008

rilo kiley

I have been scanning my "100 things to do before I die" list because I was sure "go see Rilo Kiley with one or two of my sisters" would have been on there. It's not, but it should have been. Katie and I hustled into Philly, squeezed to the front of the balcony and shimmied along as Jenny Lewis sang powerfully below (as evidenced by the shaky footage).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

R.I.P. stylebytes

I've been reading the fashion blog stylebytes, by Agathe of Norway for over 2 years.
Although it wasn't exactly my style, (often she would get obsessed with super ugly thrift pieces and go off on a stonewashed jean/80's puffed and pleated dress/turban tangent...) I loved how she mixed old with new (she bought tons of h&m), repeated key pieces, and played with accessories like jewelry and scarves. I think she had fun creating "characters" and finding new ones.

At the end of April she posted that she was staying in a sketchy hostil in Stockholm and wouldn't be bringing her laptop. Since then, she hasn't posted and recently her blog has been shut down. There is lots of speculation over why this happened here, but all I'll say about it is that she was a faithful blogger, had great pictures (thanks to her husband, mostly), and fearless style.
So my quest for a new daily style blogger has begun.

I have added Boboniaa on flickr, but she doesn't have a blog. So if anybody has any suggestions of other similar daily, thrifting, style bloggers (posting photos of outfits on themselves), tell me, please.

Monday, June 2, 2008

look for us on craigslist.

so i guess i'm starting a hipster commune, found this on lauren's away message:

sign up's for the bethlehem commune start today. to be considered one must:

1. listen to tasteful music
2. have the capacity to grow a full rabbinic-like beard on command
3. display a at least a mild amount of creativity
4. dress to the head mistresses approval

please include picture and annual salary with your application, otherwise we will urinate on it.

abbith and laurs inc.