Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mermaid Tales

I spent last saturday at Point Pleasant Beach with a couple friends and it was everything I'd hoped for: salty lips, airplanes with banner advertisements for plastic surgery ("Tummy Tuck!," "Liposuction!"), and leathery old ladies chatting nearby.
The funniest part of the day turned out to be when I decided to make a mermaid/dolly parton from a lump of sand that looked like a head. I began forming more precise features- smoothing the apples of the cheeks, shaping the jawline, sculpting a nose and applying lips and eyes. Jared brought over a huge clump of seaweed for hair- which naturally had to be huge 80's hair due to the nature of seaweed. This was when I decided to make the sand lady Dolly Parton and set to work gathering large mounds of sand to form the "bust". By this time a couple people had gathered around. A mom called for her daughter to come see. I actually drew a crowd! Reverently, onlookers stook back and admired my progress. "Beautiful!," they exclaimed, "You have talent!". Some asked me if I did this for a living. I kept my head down and finished the mermaid tail, simultaneously flattered and mortified. I snapped a few photos and returned to my beach towel...leaving Dolly on her way to a watery demise as the tide rolled in.

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