Friday, November 21, 2008


I was super excited about the swap I joined for Christmas tree ornaments until I realized I had to make 10 of something. Oh. I made sequined mushrooms last year for a few people, but it took about, oh, 4 hours per ornament, so that's not happening.
Instead, I formed mushrooms out of styrofoam, covered them with paper to make them less porous and more vintage-looking, and painted them with acrylic paint. Don't think these are anywhere done yet- the glitter bottle is calling my name.
Will post finished projects (perhaps my first tutorial?) here soon.

So here's another attempt at a cute ornament, but too time consuming for the swap: a bedazzled acorn:

Not sure about that one. Might need some tweaks.
Also, I started making some fancy Christmas trees from cones and trimming.

Can you tell I got a giant bag of styrofoam shapes at a yard sale this summer? They've been burning a hole in my closet.

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