Wednesday, January 14, 2009

two and a half stars

Last Sunday my mom, dad, brother and I went to casual country club for brunch. We were seated at the patio, filled with the noise of happy diners and clinking silverware. Soon after arriving, our waittress informed us that we missed the brunch hours and could only order from the lunch menu. We placed our orders and snacked on some bread that was brought to our table while we chatted and waited. The table behind us finished their meal and the patio quieted down a bit. Three waittresses returned to our table to refill our water glasses but none of them mentioned the status of our food. We talked for a bit longer and grumbled to each other about the slow service. Finally the last table of diners finished their food and left us alone in the dining room. The waittresses stopped coming at all and when I asked my brother for the time, we realized we had been waiting for 4 hours! I was apalled and angry and demanded to speak to the manager. I marched into the manager's office to find a demure woman with a gray haired bob reclining in her chair. I told her (as politely as possible) about our awful dining experience, and the four hour wait for food that never came. She barely reacted. I told her how I'd worked in food service for years and would never have let something like this happen to anyone. I told her I reviewed restaurants for a living (which was a lie, I was only referring to yelp) and she rolled her eyes. I was indignant. My voice became hard and with one last reproach I offered, "This day has been a nightmare!" Which is when I realized I was having a nightmare.

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