Sunday, February 8, 2009

Optimizing Tennix for Maemo

As I promised some weeks ago, here are the results of our take on optimizing a SDL game (Tennix) for the Maemo devices. All other platforms on which Tennix runs obviously also profit from these optimizations. The presentation with all the details is available here: Optimizing an open source game for mobile devices (PDF). I also have two videos for you: Tennix running on a tablet before and after the optimizations.

Conclusions: Do profile (using oprofile or gprof) your applications to find bottlenecks. Look at callgraphs (using graphviz) to determine function usage. Most of the time, small code changes result in big performance boosts. Some Maemo-specific hints for SDL development are available in Game development in the Maemo Wiki.

The optimized release of Tennix (0.7.0) is available in Maemo Extras already. Go get it! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

gPodder 0.14.1 in Maemo Extras

Packages for gPodder 0.14.1 (a podcast downloader for Maemo and Linux Desktops) are now available in Maemo Extras (Chinook at least.. the Diablo autobuilder is busy (broken?) at the moment). The UI experiments (mokoui2 finger scrolling) are not included in this release yet, but will be in a future release. 0.14.1 is a bugfix release, so it's recommended that you upgrade.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quim Gil interviewed on FLOSS Weekly

For all of you who are subscribed to FLOSS Weekly with gPodder, you might have already noticed it: On Saturday, the long-awaited interview with Quim Gil from Nokia has been published. You can grab it from here as MP3 file directly or (even better ;) download gPodder from Maemo Extras and subscribe to FLOSS Weekly.