Tuesday, April 28, 2009

terribly happy

Naomi from Rockstar Diaries just did a post on 10 things that make her terribly happy and I thought it would be nice to do the same.

10. my sunny bedroom and it's unstoppable ability to wake me up
9. early morning cuddling with my bunny
8. working in my garden barefoot
7. afternoon yoga at work
6. daydreaming about diners and vespas
5. wednesdays at salvation army
4. breaking out the summer dresses
3. nightly ritual of pouring a tiny glass of wine, thinly slicing parm cheese and enjoying them both while prepping dinner
2. driving with my windows down
1. church basement rummage sales

Yeah, that was fun, I feel lucky and grateful. Give it a shot!

NumptyPhysics on a multi-touch table

(Not really tablet-related, but related to NumptyPhysics, which has been initially written for the tablets. Feel free to skip :)

The summer semester is in full swing, and we have been working on our HCI multi-touch seminar work for the last few weeks. We plan on extending Tim Edmonds' NumptyPhysics to work on multi-touch tables and adopt the UI accordingly to take advantage of multiple input cursors. We did a trial run on a real table last week:

The cude currently only emulates mouse events, but will allow real multi-touch input soon. We will release the code as soon as some bugs have been fixed and the code design got a bit more stable.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tennix 2009 for Maemo

The updated version of Tennix, the open source tennis game is now available in Maemo Extras for Chinook, Diablo and Fremantle (anyone with Fremantle hardware care to test if it works correctly? Thanks!). The 1.0 release has been announced to the public in February already, but I have only now had time to create a proper package for Maemo. It plays fine with stylus or the D-Pad.

Here is a gameplay video if you can't wait to download it onto your tablet.

Friday, April 17, 2009

cooking for one

Pretty serious crush on everything Mark Bittman makes. I'd really love to sit around all weekend and read all of his books and then cook everything in them.
Tonight was the shrimp tortillita and broiled fennel.
Definitely needed the green onions I used, kind of reminded me of the flavors of shumai or other asian shrimy dish. Pretty good but too much batter so a bit too thick.
Still, I'm glad I at least cooked something...Nigella has this great chapter in "How to Eat" about still taking the the time to cook something if you're alone and I rarely do so, but I'm really glad when I do.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Repurpose your tablet's car mount

If you do not use your car that often, and have built/bought a car mount for your tablet, why not repurpose it and stick it up to your desk near the main monitor? Having Mauku running in it which lights up the display whenever someone posts updates surely is nice. Some other use cases are monitoring servers with an open X-Terminal or listening to some music/podcasts with the media player of choice.

I built mine by buying a gooseneck mount and screwing the included car mount onto it. This still allows me to use the mount in the car, too.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

candy sushi

I made candy sushi (basic recipe here) for my friends birthday last week and it was incredibly fun and fast to make and a pretty big hit as well. I was honestly kind of nervous about walking into a bar with a plate of kid food but everybody loved it, including the guest of honor. I didn't find exactly all the ingredients I was looking for, and I'd like to make it again sometime with more helpful ingredients like big swedish fish and orange-colored sugar for fish eggs. Also, the woman at the sushi bar wouldn't give me one of the faux bois plastic trays with plastic grass, which I think would have totally made the whole thing. So I had to improvise and use a take out tray and paper grass. Sometime it would be fun to go all the way like this crazy person and make marzipan wasabi and ginger and homemade marshmallow to look like "Tamago yaki."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

newest projects

I've been inspired by this necklace on etsy:

and finally found a good way to recreate it:

While I was looking for more information on the necklace above, I came across a similar idea-a braided scrap cotton necklace. The one I made is really fraying, to the point where it looks fuzzy and I'm not sure I like it. I'm still experimenting with how each fabric frays and whether or not I want to it use it in the braid. This necklace is definitely more time consuming and I'm not sure I'm necessarily pleased with the results. I still have to play with it some...
The tutorial for this necklace is here:

It's fun to be crafting again, but my house is once again trashed.