Tuesday, August 11, 2009

little people

with all due respect to the small object, who does this really well, i had to try making my own clothespin people. i actually made a bunch of these in a high school art class and i think they were part of a fundraising auction. should have kept it up and started a cake topper business!

the couples shown are my friend gwen and her soon-to-be husband andrew, i made them in case the other cake toppers i was working on didn't work out. then since i was at it, i went ahead and made me and josh as well. i got a little sloppy on our couple since it was rather late and i was working with 2 bandaged index fingers at that point (one due to an unfortunate mandoline slip and the other due to some overzealous snipping with fabric scissors). still, they were super fun to make and i kind of want to make everyone i know now.

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