Tuesday, September 1, 2009

some things

posting will be sporadic and light like it has been, till i figure out a direction for this blog and get a bit more free time. that being said, i relish looking back over old posts and finding out what i was thinking at that time, and what was going on in my life. this blog is 4(!) years old, and it's like looking at a yearbook to reread old posts, so i'll still add things occasionally.

here are some things i've read lately that i'm sharing and filing away, because they are so honest and complex and beautiful. i want to be able to write this honestly about my own life.

the labor story, part three by dooce.
i've been reading dooce for years and believe this is one of the best things she's written.

when we fight at girl's gone child

"We are best at planning trips: I have my eyes on the horizon, if not the stars, and she will worry about the bathtubs and the food." Craig Nova on marriage, at a cup of jo.

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