Saturday, November 28, 2009


Ok, so this is a little late, but I would like to write down everyone and everything I am thankful for, just for my own sake:

My dad, who is wise, proactive and positive.
My mom, who is healthy, kind, and strong.
My sister Katie, who is funny, talented, and smart.
My sister Laura, who is artistic, thoughtful, and generous.
My brother-in-law Michael, who is funny, creative, and kind.
My brother-in-law Strider, who is supportive, caring, and handy.
My brother Josh, who is smart, loyal, and fair.
My sister-in-law Megan, who is motivated, kind, and thorough.
My nephew Julian, who is helpful and entertaining.
My nephew Eli, who is curious and practical.
My nephew Avery, who is friendly and charming.
My nephew Isaac, who is gentle and affectionate.

My boyfriend Josh, who is loving, funny, and clever.

My friend Gwen, who is supportive, stylish, and funny.
My friend Michelle, who is friendly, fun, and easy-going.
My friend Abby, who is strong, wise, and smart.
My friend Denise, who is loyal, kind and creative.
My friend Debbie, who is sweet, funny, and adventurous.

My rabbit Jackson, who is nervous, soft, and good company.

I'm also thankful for my sweet old apartment, my laptop, my beloved vintage clothing, furniture, and housewares, my job, my independence, and my freedom.

and...Twitter, flickr, my google reader, tastespotting, etsy, thrift stores, dark chocolate, my new running pants with the secret ipod pocket, my beautiful birthday dresses, and my banana republic boots.

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