Monday, December 7, 2009

weekend bits

One of my favorite new bloggers, Kate Miss of formeforyou always does a post titled "Bits of My Weekend" on Monday morning and I love starting off my week with her beautiful, quiet photographs.
I don't know if I'll ever have the dedication it requires to share every weekend with you, but I can certainly share a few things about this past one.

Friday night I made a homemade meal for my parents, my boyfriend, and his mom. I made manicotti and made the manicotti "shells" (more like crepes) from scratch. I used this recipe for the shells, and the rest of the meal components (manicotti filling, marinara, and meatballs) came from the Roseto Cookbook. It was definitely worth the extra effort and I don't think I'll ever buy manicotti shells again.

Sunday I went to Urban Outfitters with my friend Gwen, and came across a sweet little old lady pair of Rachel Comey shoes- marked down to $20! Totally saved the shopping experience for me, because otherwise I think I've severely outgrown that store.

I also did some Christmas shopping but, wow, I have a lot more to do.

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